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About Us


Sunset RV Rentals began with one trailer and a dream. With hard work and determination we have grown into the business we are today. Our family believes that nature is good for the soul and we want other families to be able to have fun camping experiences without having to purchase a trailer. Make memories in the great outdoors with one of our trailers! Dad will be happy taking the kids camping, and mom will be happy with a bed and shower!

Why Choose Us?

When you go on vacation, you leave your work and worry behind and step into the carefree world of quality family time. At Sunset RV Rentals we know how important family time is to you and how hard it is to come by. That is why when it comes to your vacation, we are committed to providing the best deals on clean and comfortable trailers, through a hassle-free, quick, easy process that will have you making memories with those you love most in no time at all.

At Sunset RV Rentals, our number one priority is to help you (our customers) have good experiences wherever you choose with the people you love most. Our high quality trailers are very clean and well taken care of. You will find peace of mind as a result of our guaranteed best value on all of our trailers. Our low prices will put you in the right mood to leave all your worries behind while you enjoy the great outdoors.

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